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Ruth Salama - Le cirque perdu

Ruth Salama started her professional flamenco and Spanish dancing career when she was 17 years old at the Rosita
Segovia School in Barcelona. Afterwards, she went to Israel, where she joined the Jerusalem Dance Theater, before
studying at Nissan Nativ’s acting school for three years. Fascinated by masks and commedia dell‘arte, she joined La Piccionaia in Italy.

In Salzburg, she discovered street theater and the tightrope, and performed with The Pirate Ensemble. She went to circus school in Budapest and, then joined the CNAC, Centre National des arts du cirque. Ruth performed open-air highwire walks in Ireland, Austria, Italy and France. With the tight wire act, she toured with Joseph Bouglione Circus, Fossett’s Circus (Ireland), Circus Princess (Sweden), Little World (Japan), Circus Krone (Denmark), Hansa Varietes (Germany) and Cirkus Fumagalli (Germany).

In 2004, she wrote her first story, Raquel (Espace Catastrophe, Brussels), a fusion of tight wire dance and flamenco. In 2004 and 2005, as a wire walker and aerial-on-the-silks artist, she performed in the circ d’hivern (winter circus) production in Barcelona: (La plaça dels prodigis [2004], Circus Klezmer [2005]). 

In 2010, Le cirque perdu created Pista Flamenca, a show with flamenco and aerial dance, with Isaac Vigueras, Maria del Mar Fuentes and Joaquín el duende. In 2010, Ruth wrote Ida y Vuelta, a show based on Jewish humor, for Barcelona and Madrid, on the occasion of the
Jewish European culture day. With the actress Vanessa Segura. 

Then she created En attendant il faut être heureux (In the Meantime, You’ve Got to be Happy), a contemporary circus show mixing mask and aerial silks, which talks about adoption from the point of view of a child, with humor and poetry (Les Embuscades, Le Kiosque, Centre Culturel Jovence, La cité du cirque au Mans…)

In 2019, she created Locura flamenca (Flamenco madness), a humoristic approach to flamenco, which played at the Infusión
Flamenca Festival and Casa del Teatre Nu. Locura flamenca continues to tour.

In 2022 she created a new silks act Summer Poetry, an original aerial choreography with a book, inspired by the world of Buster Keaton
(Mercateatre, Barcelona).